Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Foote School by the Sea...

Wouldn't that be a cool name for a school? There really is a Foote School, up in Connecticut. We think we should start a branch campus for them down here in Nags Head.

Just saying...

So school started this morning. (Well, we actually did a week's worth of lessons last week, but we couldn't officially start until today. That freed us to just bring the major subjects and not have to spend quite so much time on lessons whilst we're here.)

We had our usual "numbered" pancakes. And then the "bus" took the kids off to school, and we paused by the door to get a few "start of school" shots. (We like to joke that the kids' busdriver sleeps with their teacher...and this same teacher sleeps with their headmaster, too. Sheesh. Of course, anyone new to my blog should know that I am our kids' teacher and my hubby is their "bus driver/headmaster." Make sense? Okay. Okay. Moving right along.)

The kids did fairly well, all things considered...especially for the amount of distractions they had. The weather has been somewhat cloudy and rainy so we didn't really lose anything by being inside at our lessons. We'll have plenty of beach and pool time afterwards.

It's hard to imagine that we have a third-grader and a seventh-grader this year. Wow!! And our little guy will soon be 1.

One day I'll invent something to stop the clock...if only for a little while.

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