Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Funnies

Having a younger child in the house certainly keeps us laughing. He always manages to say the darndest things. But that's the fun of having kids, right?

Some Ethanisms for your reading pleasure:

Ethan needed the potty while we were at the beach last month. Since there weren't any bathrooms nearby, we suggested going deeper in the water and tinkling there. He looked shocked. We asked if he wanted to be like fishies, and he said, "No. They have different personalities."

After saying something that made us laugh, Ethan said, "I always come up with a plan to spice things up."

The kids like to play "Punch Prius" in the same way my sisters and I would play "Punch Buggie." The idea was to tap someone when you saw a VW Bug...only they do it with Priuses. On a car trip, Ethan yelled, "Punch Prius" in the car. His siblings looked around and couldn't see one so they challenged him. Not wanting to back down and be wrong, Ethan said, "I sensed a Prius."

What funny things have your kids said?

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