Thursday, January 05, 2012

A "Little" Lapse...and a Recap

So I lapsed again...a little. *wink-grin*

Since I can't go back and recapture 2011 through 300+ posts, I'll do a photo summary of the year.


We headed to the PA Farm Show in Harrisburg with the kids -- a first for Stuart and the boys. Emily and I went there a LONG time ago. It was such a treat...and a definite "walk" down Memory Lane.


A very sweet Valentine's Day as Edward turned 10...double digits! And Emily and I hosted a Mother-Daughter Valentine's Tea.


The month of Spring and fresh beginnings. We enjoyed St. Patty's Day...and a fun "half-birthday" for Ethan...and first birthday for the piggies.


We celebrated another half-b'day for Emily, soccer, and Easter -- and my very first trip alone (as a mom) to New York City!


We celebrated my parents' 50th anniversary with them (a month early); we said goodbye to my grandmother, my last living grandparent; we celebrated Mother's Day and our 15th anniversary with a trip into West Reading, complete with a postcard to the kids.


School ended -- Emily and Edward move on to 9th grade and 5th grade, respectively. The kids hosted an Alex's Lemondade Stand. Emily danced in her final recital. My parents had their actual 50th anniversary. We celebrated Father's Day and my grandmother's life in a Memorial Service at her home. Summer started.


Independence Day and summer. A slower time of life.


Camp Woohoohaha! was a blast! We enjoyed the final weeks of summer before Emily started HIGH SCHOOL! Our school books arrived, and we finished the library summer reading program.


School started. Stuart celebrated turning "40-something" (41), and Ethan had his 3rd birthday with his very own birthday adventure to Crayola. It was the 10th anniversary of 9-11. Autumn arrived with all its glorious colors and smells. Soccer officially began for the season.


Emily and I celebrated our birthday by turning reciprocals of each other: 14 and 41. We had hoped to go to NYC but decided against it because of weather and the "Occupy Wall Street" movement. We enjoyed Ballocity instead. Stuart was away, so we had a "staying-in" Halloween after it snowed 9 inches and turned icy. Some people lost power for over a week.


A British feast was enjoyed with Sandy and Tim for Guy Fawkes' Night. We had a bonfire and lots of goodies. My mom celebrated her 70th birthday. Thanksgiving ended the month with another yummy feast at my aunt's house.


The last month of 2011. Emily and I travelled back again to New York City to see the NYC Ballet do the "Nutcracker." We enjoyed some shopping and just hanging together. I had my annual shopping trip (#17) to Schuylkill Mall with my friend and former co-worker from Highlights. Christmas Eve's Eve included a "picnic in the park" in our living room. Christmas Eve was special. Christmas Day spent in bed. Boxing Day enjoyable with another feast. And Pagoda Day we moved the photo to the morning so that we would avoid the rain. New Year's Eve we spent as a family, enjoying some snacks and playing some games. We watched the ball drop together and reflected on the beginning of another new year.

*  *  *

There are so many other things that happened over the year...but these are just a few of the highlights. We try to always remember how blessed we are...and celebrate God and each other.

Happy 2012, everyone!

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Susie, you are such a good mom :)