Friday, June 04, 2010

A-Picnicking We Go!

Today, we went to our end-of-school picnic...

...and came home with two hamsters that the kids "won" in a raffle.


I guess I should have put down my foot...or Foote. (He's getting rather heavy.) *wink-grin*

Still, the kids had a great time, running around and having a water battle with squirt bottles and water balloons. There was lots of good food, fellowship, and fun for the adults, too, chatting, catching up, and learning about each other's kids and school years.

It's always so hard to believe we're at this point in the year.

Always so hard to believe our kids are about to advance to another grade level.


Will somebody PLEASE slow down life for a little while. Just so that I can catch my breath...please?

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