Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day Fun in Photos

(How's that for alliteration??)

Since the daddy in our household enjoys meat with more meat and we gave him a charcoal grill for Father's Day two years ago, it goes without saying that his Father's Day meal is going to involve meat. And, as with this year's recipe, meat with more meat.

Stuart discovered a recipe for something called a "Bacon Explosion." (Google'll find the recipe on the creator's site for free.)

And it was awesome!


Stuart said...

Not sure how we will find a recipe with EVEN MORE MEAT for next year, but it will be fun trying!

Jadie said...

"Let's send some Dutch Frikandellen, Remy."

Woooah, what a lot of meat..... We could never beat that trying.
It seemed like a lot of fun in that lovely household...