Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

I can't watch or read the news without wondering why...

...someone who fights hard to save the rain forests or whales or the "environment" is applauded as fervent for the "cause"...
...yet someone who fights hards to save an unborn baby or traditional marriage is considered hateful and intolerant.

...someone who pays lots of money to send his children to private school is admired and praised... ...yet someone who homeschools is deemed strange and overprotective.

...someone can teach the theory of evolution to school students as fact...
...yet someone can't even mention creationism as a theory in school.

...someone who believes in abortion is called "pro-choice"....
...yet someone who believes in protecting unborn babies is called "anti-abortion."

It seems to me the very meaning of conservative is practiced by more than those who are deemed as such by those who consider themselves more "liberal."

Hmm...just makes me wonder.

"The very idea that's there's another idea is something gained." ~Anonymous

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