Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Notions and Emotions

It's a funny feeling when you realize that you're part of the grown-ups -- one of the "older crowd," so to speak...well, at least in the eyes of the "young people."

I haven't really thought that about myself -- the growing old thing -- until recently. I was thinking of my grandparents' ages...and of my parents' and in-laws' ages....and of my sisters' ages...and of my kids' ages....and I suddenly felt old.

There's gray in my hair, to be sure. I dye it every six weeks or so...and feel 10 years younger for a few hours days weeks until the grays start peeking through again.

And my hands are starting to look not so "young and fresh" as in days gone by. They're weather-worn and dried out from washing dishes and clothes and kids and babies. Maybe I need to use some Palmolive...

...or does the fact that I remember the commercial from that make me even older?


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Jadie said...

Sweet Susie, yes you're a grown up. Be proud: gone is the overly insecurity, the acne, the study books, the first broken heart etc. I embrace getting older with my whole heart. 3 weeks now... ;-)))