Monday, March 29, 2010

March-ing and Musing on Monday

Happy Monday to you! Finally! A Monday musings post. Of course, it's the last one for March, but still... I made it back.

I'm sorry I've been so slow at filling in the blanks from the last month or so. I've been doing a lot of musing on other subjects and sites. More on that later.

So here we are in Easter week. Nearly April. Finally Spring! Today was the kids' first full day of their Easter break. It was a very rainy day so they weren't able to enjoy the outdoors, but they seemed to enjoy the time off, nonetheless.

And it's...[drumroll, please]...24 night! Woooooo-hoooooo! It's been a good season so far. We reached the halfway point two weeks ago and the action started afresh, promising to keep us biting our nails and gripping our seats for the rest of the season. The last season. They finally announced the end of our beloved show. It was not something we didn't expect...but it still was hard to hear. It's far better to leave the show on a high note than to run it into the ground just for the sake of a handful of fans. And there's talk of a movie! Jack Bauer on the BIG screen? Woooooooooooo-hooooooooooooooooo!

So Ethan is 18 months now (since the 14th), and we've dubbed him the "toddler-guy," though I have to say that "destructo-boy" might fit better. He's very into knocking stuff over (including his big brother) and throwing things. Very much all-boy. He's gotten the hand (or foot?) at dribbling a soccerball. In fact, he was kicking a ball during practice the other night, and Edward's coach said it was time to sign him up for the team.

* * *

Last night, we held a "family court" in our living room. It seems that big sister (a.k.a. Emily) started her own business making "charm necklaces" and friendship bracelets. And it seems younger brother (a.k.a. Edward) decided to buy said-products for a high sum for which he had to take out a loan for 25 cents with his sister, the saleswoman.

So in order to keep them focused at bathtime, we've been having a "beat the clock" kind of contest for which they earn a quarter each if they win. Edward "beat" the timer and promptly handed over his winnings to his sister to pay off his loan (which she was going to charge 2 cents more a day until he paid it off). Highway robbery, right?

Anyway -- if you're still following -- the necklace was 25 cents and the bracelet was 10 cents. We felt that since Edward purchased the two items sight-unseen from Emily's "online catalogue," and they turned out to be somewhat cheaply-made and less than he expected, the two items together should equal 10 cents.

Emily presented her evidence of Edward's "file" which included a signed contract and his receipt, etc. But we pointed out that he didn't have the ability to make sound decisions based on the fact that he's only 9. But as Stuart said, "Caveat emptor next time, Edward." Meaning "buyer beware," and we won't bail him out again.

A few seconds later, Emily showed us her goods list and on it was a "woven blanket" for $2. Edward mentioned how much he wanted one of those since they sounded so nice. And we pointed out (again) that maybe he should be careful to see the product first since that is a lot of money to him.

"Yes!" Emily said. "Remember 'e pluribus unum,' Edward!"

Er, um. Yes, I guess. Caveat emptor.

* * *

And on that, I will bid you goodnight and good Monday!

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