Sunday, March 14, 2010

Happy Half-Birthday Happenings

Happy Half-Birthday, Ethan Samuel!!

18 months today!

It's hard to imagine our little baby has transformed into a "toddler-guy." Even harder to imagine he's a half-year older. He's changing so quickly.

However, today started on an interesting note...

We arrived home last night to discover...we had NO power. (We've been having torrential rainstorms since Friday and had lost electricity on and off earlier in the day on Saturday so we weren't completely surprised.) The house was pitch black and eerily quiet. With nothing else that we could do in the dark, we decided to go to bed. The clocks were springing forward an hour for Daylight Savings Time...or whatever they've renamed it.

Before I went to bed, I called the power company to report the outage (since all of our neighbors around us seemed to have power), and they told me it would be noon (today) before they could get to us.


So we headed to bed, hoping against hope that we might have electricity in the morning.

We got up this morning to a cold house and still no power.

Ugh again.

We quickly got ready for church and played briefly with our new 18-month-old.

And then we heard Edward yell that "they" were here. The baby guinea pigs had arrived! About a half-hour later, the power company arrived and got our electricity back on.


What a special time to come! In a power outage, after the clocks "sprang forward," and on Ethan's half-birthday!

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