Friday, May 19, 2006


Life is filled with hellos and goodbyes.

We bid goodbye today to our favorite storytime reader at Barnes & Noble. She has decided to move on and find another job. I didn't realize until today that we've been going to storytime with her for 5 years...nearly all of Edward's life. The kids were very sad, as was I, but we all respect her decision.

But now I am saying hello to a new blog. I have a blog on, but I decided to try keeping one on, too. I'm not very faithful, hence the name "Writer's Block." Perhaps doing this will free me from this "block."

I look forward to musing here...hopefully creating something worth reading. So for now, goodbye, Miss Erin, and hello, new friends.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new blog! I'll look forward to each new entry. A.