Monday, September 01, 2014

Thoughts on the Eve of Another School Year

 Top row taken of each one in kindergarten; Bottom row taken in June 2014

It's very early on the day my kids start a new school year. And I can't sleep. Not because I'm worried. Not because I'm too busy. Just because I can't believe we've reached this point in life.

We have a senior, a freshman, and a 2nd-grader.......


During the first week of Emily's life, I remember looking at her and thinking that we'd only have her at home for 18 years. University seemed such a long time away. Then there were times during those long early-morning feedings that I wondered if I'd survive having her at home for 18 more years. It seemed like such a long time away.

"Blink and you'll miss it!" I remember people warning me. I knew they were right, but a big part of me thought, "It's such a long time away yet."

And here I sit, typing out my thoughts on the eve of our daughter becoming a senior. She'll be 17 in October. She's been looking at universities and learning to drive. It really isn't such a long time away anymore.

It's here. It's now. It's amazing!

People are right: Blink, and you will miss it.

Or just hang on and enjoy the ride. The view from the "parental window" is exciting, daunting, terrifying, and joyful all at the same time.

*   *   *

A Prayer for Our Kids on the First Day of a New School Year:

Lord, help our children as they embark on a new year of learning.
May they know the joy of discovering new ideas and learning new concepts.
May they be excited when they get things right and humble when they get things wrong.
May they feel gratitude for the privilege it is to be able to learn.
May they be thankful for good health and strong bodies and bright minds.
May they share their joy of learning with others in such a way as to excite those people to want to learn.
May they continually weigh what they learn against the core of their moral being.
May they be kind to one another and share their learning space with respect and love.
May they always do their best.
May they never forget where they've come from or where they are headed.
May they also never forget to enjoy the moment, to find peace with where they are and patience for what's to come.
May they always be awe of all You have created.
May they have wisdom to manage their time properly so they can do their best on assignments.
May You give them wisdom in their journey through school and later into the workforce.
May they never stop thanking You for the lifetime gift of learning.
And may they always remember how much we love them, no matter what!
Thank You for loving them more than even we can!

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Anonymous said...

<3 to all at beginning new adventures, near and "far"! :-)