Monday, December 02, 2013

Meager Monday Musings

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I started this blog.

The idea came to me after I read several other friends' blogs...and I realized that I missed writing.

When I'm able to do this, it's lots of fun. But it takes time and dedication -- two things that are not always readily available when you have three kids learning at home.


Here I am. And it's Monday. And, since, I'm the only one awake at the moment, I'll type up a quick update to our lives and all some a few of the things I've been musing on.

The kids.

Emily is 16 now. 16. I have to pause a minute to breathe. She's in 11th grade and doing three, count 'em, three AP courses and Honors Chemistry and Latin. You might say she loves a challenge, though I think she's a bit overwhelmed at times this year. (We did try to warn her. *wink-grin*) She's learning to drive now...and it will be a slow process since we don't have the extra money necessary to add her to our insurance. Yet.

Edward is 12.  He enters the "teen world" in February. Egads. That doesn't seem possible. He was bumped up a grade this school year, skipping 7th grade, and going into all 8th grade...though his math and reading are 9th-grade courses. (Go figure.) We asked for him to be bumped up because it would make it easier. He spent his entire school career bridging two grades, due to how he tested into the school and where we decided to place him. It got to be a bit confusing at times...and we thought this would be easier. He's been taking some one-on-one lessons for soccer. He'll be on the high school soccer team next year so we thought this would boost his confidence/skills. And it has.

Ethan is our 5-year-old. He changed numbers in mid-September. And he's our super genius. No. Only kidding. What parent doesn't think his or her kid is a wunderkind? *wink-grin* He and I are doing first grade together, using K12 Independent again this year, and he's doing very well. His reading skills have exploded, and he's reading everything and anything, including books in bed. He's always been our little joker, but now he's very serious about his knowledge....a good and bad thing, I guess.

Speaking of school. Our youngest student reminded us that we never did his kindergarten "graduation" last summer as we promised we would once he completed everything. Since we pay for online access to K12 for 12 months, we continued schooling through the summer. It makes it a much more relaxed school year but also makes it easy to forget to finish school. We managed to complete the curriculum, but then life got in the way of ceremony. So I guess we'll do a winter graduation for him?

Well, the morning got away from me, and everyone is awake. I'm going to end this so that a.) I can actually post it...and b.) it isn't too long...and c.) I don't bore you.

Enjoy your Monday!

*  *  * 

What are your kids doing in school this year?

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