Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Still Blogging...in My Head

The thing about blogging is that it can sometimes get in the way of Life...

But the thing about Life is that it can sometimes get in the way of blogging!


I started this blog over five years ago with the intentions of "clearing my cluttered brain."

Hmm.... It's gotten more difficult in the past year or so, and I've lagged behind in my ramblings.
But, funny enough, I've continued "blogging" in my mind.

I'll find myself thinking of a post while I'm showering or driving or cooking dinner -- all places that make it impossible to put fingertips to computer keyboard and empty my thoughts into a post destined for the World Wide Web.

So much has happened...good and bad; easy and hard; memorable and forgettable.

I'll do my best to get back in the groove of writing. That's the purpose of my jottings on here: just to get myself writing, to keep on keeping on with a hobby I immensely enjoy.

I'm sure I'll lapse again at some point, but it's the "doing" that matters most to me. Just keeping a journal of happenings -- big and small -- for my kids to read later in life.

After all, it's easier to read on here than in my head, right?


Emi said...

I love you!!! <3 Can't wait to read more "happenings"!

Jadie said...

"blogging" in my mind, very known by me too. I've written tons of bestsellers in my head.

And I'm curious at what's in your mind too, you always have great idea's.

Do I see Emily there with her comment? Wooah, hello sweet girl :-)))